Hextto Digital Limited is a full-service online marketing agency that provides strategic digital marketing services to help you increase your conversion rate using our expert approaches in SEO, SMM, branding, and web development.

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Web Dev. _

To achieve all your client's needs on the web. Save time and money in the real world.

What is Web Development _

Web development is a broad process that involves all the tasks and activities associated with designing and developing websites and other web properties. The process includes activities such as web design, content development, scripting on both client and server sites, network security configurations and much more.

Web development involves programming or coding activities that ensure a website functions as the owner intends it to. It also involves other practical website building aspects such as creating plain text pages, creating complex web-based applications, electronic business applications, and social networking applications.

Web development follows the following steps:

  • Client-side coding
  • Server-side programming
  • Database technology

Given the complexities and the huge amount of tasks involved in web development, you’ll need the services of a digital agency staffed with experienced experts who can handle all types of web designing and development tasks. The digital agency should also be capable of incorporating your digital marketing and branding strategies in your web design and development. A good web development agency can help you unlock the value your business provides through creativity and cutting-edge technology.

Web development basically involves a wide range of issues including website planning and strategy, design and branding, WordPress development, e-commerce solutions, and SEO and SMM strategies. For the best results, the web developer should have detailed planning, quality assurance, and the right skills and tools for the job.

What can we do _

At Hextto Digital, we’re experts in web design and development. We’ll design your website with your audience and business goals in mind. We ensure that your target audience is factored in the overall design by taking time to understand their needs, problems, and characteristics. Our goal is to build customized designs that match your brand’s strength and your budget. In our web development approach, we use collaborative designs that capture and express your ideas and expectations. We’ll even incorporate your company’s social profiles, blog, and call-to-actions (CTAs) into the overall design. Our goal is to build our clients functional and powerful brand-centric websites.

In our strategic web development approach, we build perfect websites from scratch. We start by analyzing each project that we handle to ensure that we have understood all the client’s requirements. We ensure that the end product will solve the client’s needs and meet their expectations.

Our web development process includes the following steps:

  • Discovery phase in which we identify all the requirements of the project according to the client’s instructions.
  • Project planning where we document all the required features, technologies and framework to be used in the project.
  • The design phase which involves the actual creation of UI elements, color schemes, typography, and other brand based elements of the website.
  • Development, deployment, and maintenance phases.

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